On a clear day
you can see your customer

  • Just 6% of executives believe that sales
    peoples' agenda is to help improve their business

  • Less than 20% of executives find business conversations
    with sales people to be of value

  • Only 50% of executives believe that sales people
    understand their clients' industries

  • Over 80% of knowledge is forgotten within 6 weeks
    after training


Increase the effectiveness of your sales force. Strategic consulting and creative services that help you design, implement and develop your new sales organization.


Margin Academy

Win business at margins higher than the competition. Learn how our partnership with Value and Pricing Partners helps to improve your profitability.


Channel Enablement

Help partners to harvest the full potential of your offerings and their capabilities. Create an effective and sustainable channel ecosystem.


Sales Leader Lab

Learn how NewLeaf and Mannaz, the frontrunner in leadership development, keep the momentum going in your sales development initiatives.


"Leading Leaders"


'Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.'



This year's convention was dedicated to the challenge of 'Leading Leaders - How to lead high profile executives without direct authority.'


Elliot Russo, tutor at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art London demonstrated during his interactive workshop how different styles and approaches while communicate can lead to complete different outcomes ...

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