NewLeaf Partners

Who we are
The NewLeaf Partners leadership team is Sam Barcus, Patricia McCracken, Andreas Goldmann, Marty Comber and Khanyisa Malabi. Our global perspective is based on working and living in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. We are experienced practitioners in sales, account management and consulting for myriad industries including technology, health care, energy, transportation and telecommunications.

How we can help you
We work closely with you to help create and foster long-term, profitable relationships with your existing and potential customers. NewLeaf Partners uses innovative learning techniques, cutting-edge technology and a highly talented team to design, deliver and implement an impactful selling experience. The outcome is a highly effective, motivated sales organization built on a foundation of consultative selling competencies.

What makes us different? We are you!
Our entire organization is made up of individuals who have walked in our clients’ shoes. We are former sales executives, account managers and consultants who have struggled with the reality of shifting the focus from “selling what we have” to “working with

customers to understand what they need.” We have learned the importance of working side by side with clients to help them identify and solve problems and capitalize on opportunities. We are business professionals who have lived in a shifting landscape and, in the process, learned how to anticipate and thrive on transformation. Our core team consists of fifteen experienced practitioners who are supported by 30 specialists.

Why we do what we do
We live in a world of constant change, and that change is accelerating. Markets are changing. The economy is always in flux. And customers expect an extraordinary experience today. But sales teams often use methods and techniques focused on product features and functions. These approaches are out of synch with what customers need and want in this fast-paced digital environment. We felt it was time to help sales organizations turn over a new leaf and  focus on a customer/business partner relationship versus a customer/supplier transaction. That’s how NewLeaf Partners began.

Sam Barcus

NewLeaf Partners, Inc.
United States


Andreas Goldmann

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Marty Comber

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Khanyisa Malabi

NewLeaf Partners Africa
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Patricia McCracken

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